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Summer 2018

Summer is half over!  How did THAT happen?  Sheesh…

Time passes, things change.  You know when you know it’s time to make a change, a BIG change?  You know in your heart that one chapter is done, and you also know that you cannot move to the next chapter without actually turning to the next page…….  I will no longer be holding my own classes at Turner House Arts.  That’s right, I am not planning on teaching art classes any longer.  I have some ideas about what might be next for me, and I’m REALLY excited about the possibilities!  I’m ready to turn that page.

I want to thank all of the folks who came to Turner House Arts and took classes or held parties there.  I have met so many wonderful people and had such an amazing time with so many great students of all ages.  Many many thanks to my regular group of Early Out Wednesdays kids.  You guys have been the best.  Just the best.  I shall miss you so very much! >sniff< >sniff>

That said,


*The studio is available for guest teachers!  Want to teach a class?  Want to hold a meeting?  Give us a call:  660-909-5283

*Coming very soon are Acrylic painting classes by Riley Inspired, and Watercolor classes by Gary Cadwallader!

*Turner House Arts is the home of RED MONKEY PRINTS!  Do you need shirts?  Bags?  Some other screen printed item?  Red Monkey Prints will fix you right up.  Bring your own artwork or they will create something special just for you.


And, as always, you just never know what ELSE might happen in the studio…

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Transitions! New stuff!

So, being the sort of people my husband and I are, trying new things and making changes are not activities we shy away from.  Don’t be sad, teaching and learning and making art at Turner House Arts Studio won’t be going away.  Classes will continue so keep watching for new learning opportunities.


We are adding something new to the mix!  –  SCREENPRINTING!  My husband, Dee (also know as The Deacon), has been playing with screen printing for awhile now, and is ready to do it up BIG!

Our screen printing shop is open for business.  We can do traditional screen printing on tees, hoodies, bags, and the like. We are also playing with some non-traditional screen printing processes.  We can use your artwork, we can design something for you.  We are excited!!

Here’s how to get in touch with Dee:

Instagram:  @red_monkey_studios

FB:  Red Monkey Studios


Let us help you put together the coolest project ever!

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Painting Class

Yesterday we had a painting class in the studio with guest instructor, Heather Riley.  It was a great success!  She did a wonderful job and so did everyone in the class.  I especially appreciated how she encouraged students to make choices to create a unique piece.

I don’t paint this way.  I am not one to make paintings on canvas.  I have painted with acrylics on canvas a tiny bit, but I don’t believe I have ever done a landscape, and I tend to be messier and…  umm… undisciplined.  No surprise there.  So, I LOVED doing something so different!

I enjoy having guest instructors come in and teach a class.  Courtney Hunt taught an awesome collage class a while back.  Would you like to teach a class?  Do you have a class you’d like to see offered at the studio?  Let me know!  I’ll so my best to make it happen.

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Oh, what a summer it has been!  I was teaching for much of the summer down in Springfield, MO, at a couple of camps (Summer Quest and Summerscape)hosted by Drury University, and then I came home to teach camps in my own studio.  Add in a trip or two, a couple of reunions, and the occasional day trip and BOOM!  The summer is about over!

I have really enjoyed the entire summer (except for those days of blazing heat…  I can do without that).  Now, I’m ready to blast into fall!  I have listed Early Out Studios (formerly known as Collaboration Day Studios) for September and October.  I hope my group of wonderful kids come back this year and I hope we have some new ones, too!  Last year we had a lovely core group of kiddos but we have room for more!

We are also making some changes at Turner House Arts!  I am developing more classes for adults, for one thing.  I know there are  grown-ups out there who are just itching to find their creative mojo.  They might not even know it, yet!  Let me know if there is something in particular you are interested in.  I will be teaching classes, and I will be inviting guest teachers in, as well.

Much more to come… watch this space!

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Looking for a new way to celebrate?  Have a party at my studio!  It’s fun, it’s creative, and I provide all the art supplies and clean-up!  Plus – I can custom design a project just for you.  I do parties for kids AND grown-ups.  Bring your own food and beverage.  Contact me for details.

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Hasn’t it been a weird winter-in-to-spring?  Here in Missouri, we just don’t know what season it wants to be!  So, while I feel like maybe spring is here for real, we might get a snowstorm next week.

In honor of Spring, the Wednesday group made these BEAUTIFUL wall pockets!  We had a great time building them out of clay.  Then, some kids glazed them and some kids used the crayon/black acrylic technique to add color.  No matter which method they chose, they turned out great!  We added some cool beaded hangers, planted some succulents in them, and bam, they were done!  They are so very awesome, I just want to make wall pockets with everyone!

So…  I’m scheduling an Adult/Teen Clay Wall Pocket class in April.  You know you want one of these lovely little items all your very own.  So, click here to see details and sign up!

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Not Right Now…

I can’t do that right now, I am (tired, unable to concentrate, playing spider solitaire, doing laundry, snuggling the dog, thinking, going to the post office, hiding under my drafting table, watching Rachel Maddow…).  Please tell me you do it, too.

Ah, time management, you saboteur.  And, it’s not like I ALWAYS have a problem with it…  sometimes Time bends to my will and I emerge victorious.  Then a glorious image develops in my mind, me on top of a mountain, wind in my hair, expensive Frye Melissa Tall Lace boot (that I do not actually own) crushing an enormous steam-punk (it’s my image, let me play) clock.

I really can rock it.

But, not lately.  I am struggling to use my time wisely.  My teacher would write it in the comment section if I was in fifth grade.  “Daydreams.  Does not use her time wisely.  We are working on helping her focus.  But, sweet girl and so much potential!  I enjoy having Donna in class.”

Here’s my problem:  I have too many options.  I am currently in Squirrel Mode.

On a much better note, the weekend’s birthday party was FABULOUS!  We made Owl Pillows and OMIGAWRSH they were so cute and I wanted to keep them ALL.  Alas, the guests would not have it and spirited the beautiful pillows away.  Sigh.

Birthday parties at my studios are the best.  You should have yours here.  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  I’m thinking of having my own birthday party here.  How fun would THAT be?



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It’s that time of year…  I know, I know, it’s busy and fun and stressful and fattening and expensive.  So, everyone just take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  Breathe again.

Dark nights and soft gray days.  The longest nights, the shortest days.  Now is the time to curl up with something or someone warm and think.  And dream.  And think.  And be grateful.

I love December, in spite of (or maybe because of) the darkness and gray days.  I think it is because my favorite art is colorful to the extreme (big fan of Fauvists) and the grayness of December is such a perfect backdrop to intense saturated colors.  Contrast.  I’m all about contrast.  I like the almost painfully bright red of the cardinal against the browns and taupes of a naked winter tree.  I like a courageous color explosion of a child’s painting against a concrete wall.  I like bright lipstick on a pale face.  I like a sunshine yellow hat in a sea of dark umbrellas.

Find your bright spot this month.  But don’t forget to rest in the darks.

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In our school district, they have “collaboration days” where the teachers get together to discuss best practice, share ideas, support each other, help each other.  Sounds like a good model.  I especially like the part about supporting each other.  And helping each other.  Building relationships.

I hold classes on those collaboration days because the kids get out of school two hours early and many need a place to be while parents work.  I love these days.  Our little group is growing into a special community.  Those kids share ideas, support each other, help each other, giggle together, and build friendships.  They, too, collaborate.  It was a good place to be yesterday.  A very good place indeed.

In the surrounding turmoil of the day, I felt the need to create something extra-positive, extra-uplifting.  I felt the need to look into our hearts and remember what is good.  I had just seen a Gratitude Box project by Meri Cherry and I shamelessly stole the idea.  I’m so glad I did because they turned out beautifully, and made us feel good, too!

We spent some time talking and writing about what we were grateful for.  (first, we figured out what the word “grateful” means!)  We thought about what we were fortunate to have, what makes us happy, what sustains us. We made gorgeous paintings upon which we wrote our thanks, tied them with wool yarn and a “glitter stick” (glitter makes everything happy), and put them all in a little brown box we decorated, to keep and to add to as we wish.

I couldn’t stop looking at them.  The kids couldn’t stop holding them.  They were so lovely, but the words written were the loveliest of all.  (There was one in particular I was especially fond of……)

We have room for more children on these days.  Children who need to feel included, welcomed, supported no matter what.  Sign ’em up.  We will greet them with open arms.