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In our school district, they have “collaboration days” where the teachers get together to discuss best practice, share ideas, support each other, help each other.  Sounds like a good model.  I especially like the part about supporting each other.  And helping each other.  Building relationships.

I hold classes on those collaboration days because the kids get out of school two hours early and many need a place to be while parents work.  I love these days.  Our little group is growing into a special community.  Those kids share ideas, support each other, help each other, giggle together, and build friendships.  They, too, collaborate.  It was a good place to be yesterday.  A very good place indeed.

In the surrounding turmoil of the day, I felt the need to create something extra-positive, extra-uplifting.  I felt the need to look into our hearts and remember what is good.  I had just seen a Gratitude Box project by Meri Cherry and I shamelessly stole the idea.  I’m so glad I did because they turned out beautifully, and made us feel good, too!

We spent some time talking and writing about what we were grateful for.  (first, we figured out what the word “grateful” means!)  We thought about what we were fortunate to have, what makes us happy, what sustains us. We made gorgeous paintings upon which we wrote our thanks, tied them with wool yarn and a “glitter stick” (glitter makes everything happy), and put them all in a little brown box we decorated, to keep and to add to as we wish.

I couldn’t stop looking at them.  The kids couldn’t stop holding them.  They were so lovely, but the words written were the loveliest of all.  (There was one in particular I was especially fond of……)

We have room for more children on these days.  Children who need to feel included, welcomed, supported no matter what.  Sign ’em up.  We will greet them with open arms.







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