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It’s Halloween.  It feels different to me this year.  Our daughter is twelve, in seventh grade.  She is entirely too cool to be dressing up and she is ambivalent about our traditional Halloween gathering at my parents’ house.  (She is not, however, ambivalent about the pumpkin pie.  My mother’s pumpkin pie is divine.)  This is also the first year in a long time that I have not been at school, surrounded by scores of super cute, amped-up, made-up children, navigating fall parties and the subsequent fall-out.  While I miss all the little ones, I can’t say I really miss the sugar-frenzy…  So, Halloween has been a little slower, a little calmer, and I think I like it.

Things are happening in the studio!  In addition to classes with amazing kids and amazing adults, I have been making stuff!  We recently got our kiln all set up, tested, and working.  This was a dream of mine, and one I wasn’t sure would ever come true, but, there you are!  Look at me – I have a kiln!  I am enjoying making tiny little things out of clay.  Tiny things to wear.  Tiny things to carry in your pocket.  An analysis of my fascination with tiny things is forthcoming.  Another day.  Also forthcoming… clay classes in the studio.  You know you want to partake.

Be safe tonight.  Keep your kitties in the house.  Have a beautiful All Hallow’s Eve.


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