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Not Right Now…

I can’t do that right now, I am (tired, unable to concentrate, playing spider solitaire, doing laundry, snuggling the dog, thinking, going to the post office, hiding under my drafting table, watching Rachel Maddow…).  Please tell me you do it, too.

Ah, time management, you saboteur.  And, it’s not like I ALWAYS have a problem with it…  sometimes Time bends to my will and I emerge victorious.  Then a glorious image develops in my mind, me on top of a mountain, wind in my hair, expensive Frye Melissa Tall Lace boot (that I do not actually own) crushing an enormous steam-punk (it’s my image, let me play) clock.

I really can rock it.

But, not lately.  I am struggling to use my time wisely.  My teacher would write it in the comment section if I was in fifth grade.  “Daydreams.  Does not use her time wisely.  We are working on helping her focus.  But, sweet girl and so much potential!  I enjoy having Donna in class.”

Here’s my problem:  I have too many options.  I am currently in Squirrel Mode.

On a much better note, the weekend’s birthday party was FABULOUS!  We made Owl Pillows and OMIGAWRSH they were so cute and I wanted to keep them ALL.  Alas, the guests would not have it and spirited the beautiful pillows away.  Sigh.

Birthday parties at my studios are the best.  You should have yours here.  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  I’m thinking of having my own birthday party here.  How fun would THAT be?



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