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Painting Class

Yesterday we had a painting class in the studio with guest instructor, Heather Riley.  It was a great success!  She did a wonderful job and so did everyone in the class.  I especially appreciated how she encouraged students to make choices to create a unique piece.

I don’t paint this way.  I am not one to make paintings on canvas.  I have painted with acrylics on canvas a tiny bit, but I don’t believe I have ever done a landscape, and I tend to be messier and…  umm… undisciplined.  No surprise there.  So, I LOVED doing something so different!

I enjoy having guest instructors come in and teach a class.  Courtney Hunt taught an awesome collage class a while back.  Would you like to teach a class?  Do you have a class you’d like to see offered at the studio?  Let me know!  I’ll so my best to make it happen.

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