We all love a good party, don’t we?  Turner House Arts can help make yours GREAT!  I can do birthday parties, showers, gatherings, book clubs, and meetings.  I work with toddlers, young kids, bigger kids, grown-ups, and seniors.  I lead art experiences that result in every participant having a successful and unique work of art.  I facilitate group projects such as murals.  What would you like to do?  Let’s talk about it.

Below, you will find a few party packages from which to choose.  If you would like to custom design an event, I am more than happy to work with you to create perfect experience for your group.

You can have a party at the studio!  Or I will come to you!  Either way, you are bound to have a great art experience!

Here’s what I do:

Provide one or one-and-a-half hours (depending on project chosen) of quality art instruction (parties are 2 hours long, so you have time for refreshments and gifts!)

Provide art supplies

Make sure each guest takes home an art project

Provide small gift for each guest

Set-up/Clean-up of art project

Here’s what you do:

Provide any food, beverage, cake

Provide any plates, cups, napkins, cutlery

At your place, provide tables and chairs and a sink


Pillow Party – Each artist paints one side of a pillow I have pre-made.  After it dries (while you are enjoying your refreshments and gifts), artists stuff their pillow and, depending on the type of pillow, add a bit of embellishment.  For instance, a popular pillow is the cat pillow, so each kitty gets a beaded collar with bell.  $115 for up to twelve artists, $10 per each additional artist, maximum 16 artists.


IMG_6154Bubble Party – Each guest makes and decorates a set of bubble wands.  Then we go outside and make bubbles with bubble solution that I have premixed.  These bubbles are HUGE!  They are a crowd-pleaser for sure!  Each guest will take home a set of bubble wands and a packet of bubble solution mix for later.  $115 for up to twelve artists, $10 per each additional artist, maximum 16 artists.




Purse Party – Each guest designs, paints, and assembles a cool purse!  Choose from different fabrics and trims, paint a picture of your choice, and make a beaded clip-on as the finishing touch!  This is an ambitious project, so I will have an assistant helping me.  $100 for up to five artists.


IMG_5147IMG_5163Guided Painting Party – At this party, we will paint a picture together, but they will all be very different!  I encourage plenty of personal choices and creativity!  I will help the group decide on subject matter when we are ready to get started, or you can choose a subject matter beforehand.  I have lots of ideas that will work well with this project, if you need some help!  Paintings are on stretched canvas.   $115 for up to twelve artists, $10 per each additional artist.


unnamedRock Painting Party – Some communities, such as Warrensburg, are playing a really fun game!  Participants paint rocks and leave clues on Facebook so that others can find them.  Finders can hide them again, or paint their own rocks to hide.  OR – you can paint rocks and just keep them because they are surprisingly endearing!  Either way, at this party, guests can paint up to three rocks to hide, trade, or keep.  $115 for up to sixteen artists.


unnamedTie-Dye/Shibori Party – This party is super fun!  I recommend you come to the studio for this one… It’s splashy and messy!  You choose what everyone will dye.  Scarves?  Shirts? Bags?  Pieces of fabric to use later in other sewing projects?  Skirts?  Underwear (what a fun bridal shower activity)?  Price varies depending on what you choose to dye.  Maximum 16 artists.

Email me at or call me at 660.909.5283

to discuss and book your event!