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Hasn’t it been a weird winter-in-to-spring?  Here in Missouri, we just don’t know what season it wants to be!  So, while I feel like maybe spring is here for real, we might get a snowstorm next week.

In honor of Spring, the Wednesday group made these BEAUTIFUL wall pockets!  We had a great time building them out of clay.  Then, some kids glazed them and some kids used the crayon/black acrylic technique to add color.  No matter which method they chose, they turned out great!  We added some cool beaded hangers, planted some succulents in them, and bam, they were done!  They are so very awesome, I just want to make wall pockets with everyone!

So…  I’m scheduling an Adult/Teen Clay Wall Pocket class in April.  You know you want one of these lovely little items all your very own.  So, click here to see details and sign up!

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